Hoarding Cleanup: Answers To Our Most Common Questions

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As an extreme cleaning specialist, people often contact me about hoarding clean-up services and what that entails. Here’s a quick look at what our clients most often want us to explain.

Question: We want to know exactly . . . “What is hoarding?”

Answer: The technical definition of hoarding is the behavior pattern characterized by compulsive and excessive collection and acquisition of objects and items, and the unwillingness to discard or let these items go. This behavior can cause a significant amount of distress to the home environment, vehicle environment and to family members.

Compulsive hoarding behavior has been associated with health risks, impaired functioning and disadvantaged economic status. If significant enough to impact function, the accumulation of items can impair daily activities of living such as cooking, eating, sleeping and toileting. The accumulation of items tend to provide a haven for vermin infestation, bacterial and viral growth, food mold, moisture damage, poor sanitation and reduced egress for evacuation during a fire or other such emergency. This is why specialized hoarding clean-up services are essential. This is far more than a basic house cleaning.

Question: Why should people hire BioClean Hoarding to clean up our hoarding residence?

Answer: Unlike other companies who prey on and take advantage of the families and other caring members affiliated with the hoarder, the founder of BioClean Hoarding and the BioClean Team has been in the business of helping people as a registered nurse for more than ten years. For our hoarding clean-up services, BioClean Hoarding employs only highly trained technicians who adhere to our company standard of “Service First.” Our number one goal is to serve the afflicted and affected family. We strive to return them to a place where their space is habitable and all involved can begin the process of moving forward.

Not only does The BioClean Team remove clutter and collections in a timely manner, we also disinfect and decontaminate exposed surface areas ensuring that the home is truly safe for habitation.

Question: What makes BioClean Hoarding and the BioClean Team different from other hoarding clean-up companies?

Answer: BioClean Hoarding was founded on the principle of “Service First.” We are committed to satisfaction, doing right by our clients, and listening to the needs and wants of clients and families alike. We work to integrate the desires of all members of the family together to come up with a proactive solution to the task at hand. We LOVE finding a solution that works for everyone and will work diligently to make things happen efficiently and effectively.

BioClean Hoarding’s motto of “Service First” means that we are trustworthy and honest. We always stay within our written estimates and never inflate costs once the hoarding clean-up job gets started. BioClean Hoarding also will not give out “blind” estimates over the phone, sight unseen. When contacting BioClean Hoarding Cleanup, an extreme cleaning specialist will schedule a free, no cost, no obligation, site visit. This allows us to fully understand the scope of the work, and we can then provide you with an accurate cost and time estimate.

Another aspect of BioClean Hoarding that separates us from other companies is that we are truly local. Our two main offices are located in downtown San Diego and San Clemente in Orange County. We have technicians available 24/7 on call and can respond quickly to sites throughout Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, San Diego and Los Angeles counties. We have consistent training for our techs in all counties, and we arebioable to send highly qualified individuals to assist in a cleanup within an hour.

Other hoarding clean-up companies may provide a toll-free number, but when you contact them, you will find that this is really an out-of-state call center. This type of company simply subcontracts with part-time or on-call handymen & cleaners to come to your residence and clean. They are usually not hoarding specialists, nor are they trained professionals meeting the standards upheld by The BioClean Team and BioClean Hoarding. Many times the contracting company does not even know the subcontractors they have hired!

Question: Does The BioClean Team share information about or notify any other entity regarding a hoarding matter?

Answer: No, not at all. When you contact The BioClean Team or BioClean Hoarding to inquire about our services or to request a NO COST, NO OBLIGATION site visit, whether or not you hire BioClean Hoarding to perform any services at the hoarding residence, BioClean Hoarding will never share any information or knowledge about this with anyone. It is a confidential and classified matter.

Question: Does BioClean Hoarding perform any general cleaning services after the original hoarding cleanup has concluded?

Answer: Yes. While the original hoarding cleanup will result in the removal of all necessary/requested items, the hoarding residence will still be in need of a thorough and detailed cleaning, due to the issues caused by the original hoarding situation. BioClean Hoarding does offer a detailed cleaning program to remedy this concern.

Question: Does The BioClean Team offer any regular maintenance or follow-up service after the initial hoarding cleanup?

Answer: Yes. BioClean Hoarding offers a regularly/routinely scheduled maintenance program in whereas we will come back to the hoarding residence after the initial cleanup and perform follow up services to ensure that the residence remains in the manner in which it was upon completion of the original hoarding cleanup.