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Gross Filth Cleanup

Attempting a gross filth cleanup can be overwhelming and extremely distressing. This is especially true if you are a landlord, property owner, or an unsuspecting family member who finds themselves facing the daunting task of where to begin on this type of cleanup.

Gross filth can be defined as things such as garbage, urine, feces, dirty dishes, food waste etc., that lead to very dangerous and unhealthy living conditions. Occasionally the property may be condemned or deemed uninhabitable.

  • Excessive common household trash and debris building up over long periods of time without removal.
  • Pets urinating and defecating freely inside the home without cleanup.
  • Food laden plates or containers piled up in the sink, bathtub, and counters unwashed.
  • Unflushed, overflowing, or broken toilets and sinks.
  • Human waste in other areas of home or bathroom besides proper vesicle.
  • Mattress, couches, or other items soaked in urine, blood, or loose stool for a variety of reasons.
  • Light switches, walls, entryways, and door jams smeared with food waste, dirt, feces.

The BIOClean Team has highly trained and experienced technicians to deal with this kind of extreme cleanup. We urge you not expose yourself or maintenance personnel to the extreme health hazards present in these types of cleanups. Diseases such as Hanta, HIV, Hepatitis, MRSA, and other bacteria, viruses, and allergens are most likely present and need specialized handling for disinfection. The BIOClean Team cleanup technicians will ensure all EPA approved “savable” items are completely cleaned and sterilized during the deep cleaning project.

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